Stew_Ped (stew_ped) wrote in billysballoon,

Is Don Hertzfeldt being ripped off too?

Is Jamster ripping off Don with this:

Here's the link to the page selling it.

I was only wondering about Don's stuff because they stole my avatar. Blatantly. I was browsing through an issue of Game Informer magazine and I happened across a ad. You know, they charge you to text some number and they'll send you a wallpaper or screen saver or a joke. I usually pass over this stuff, but I just happened to look at the bottom right of the page.

Stolen avatar

Here's mine again.

It's been clearly ripped off by Jamster now. It's not the fact that it's my "avatar" that bugs me. It's my animation. I animated it. They stole it. I'm just wondering if I'm not the only one.
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