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Bitter Films: Volume One DVD

Hi everyone,
Here's the important info you'll want to hang onto next week when placing your pre-order on the big Bitter Films DVD....

-The "doors open" for pre-orders on Tuesday, JUNE 6 at approx 2pm Pacific time (5pm Eastern). The first 750 pre-orders placed will receive a really swell unique gift. We can't say exactly what that will be, as everyone will get something totally different - perhaps a little hand-drawn doodle, a signed thingy, a dead snail - just our way of saying thanks for being so patient waiting for the DVD to come out. We'll do our best to "over-stock" the shop with gifts so even if you're not in the first 750 but in the ballpark, there's still a decent chance of getting a happy present :)
-Upon placing your order, use special coupon code BUNNY. This will get you a $4 discount. That code will expire when the pre-orders officially close (probably in about 6-8 weeks). I'm not sure why exactly the code is BUNNY, but ok.
-Everyone who pre-orders will have the option to receive a free one year subscription to ROLLING STONE magazine. That's compliments of our online shop hosts, they sell a lot of music.
-Note that anything else you place in your cart with the pre-order (t-shirt, etc) will be reserved for you and shipped with the DVD. Anything you'd like shipped separately should be ordered separately.
-We're expecting to have the DVDs fresh out of the oven around the first week of August. They'll be immediately shipped to the online shop, which will then close and spend its time doing nothing but fulfill pre-orders. You'll definitely be the first kids in the world to get the DVD.
-For our international friends: yes, the online shop regularly ships internationally and the DVD will be NTSC region-free! If you'd like more info about how our international orders are processed, please visit the "Help" page in the online shop.
-Please remember that though we look on-target for August, the world of indie DVD production - particularly at this scale - is a fickle beast and there's always room for weird delays. We'll let everyone know as soon as possible via this mailing list & the website if there's any bumps in the road that could delay your order. Also note that you can easily cancel your pre-order at any time before it ships.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, though make sure you've thoroughly checked out the Bitter Films news pages + the shop's FAQs first. We'll do our best to take care of everyone


have a great June!
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